Jen Stepien

Hi there!

Thanks for dropping by Under The Moon Sleep Consulting.  My name is Jen Stepien and I am the founder, and owner of Under The Moon SC.  I am a certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, certified by Dana Obelman’s Sleep Sense™ program. 

I have my BA in Sociology as well as 15 years of experience working with children and youth in the field of Mental Health. I have always been passionate about what makes people unique, what makes them tick and how experiences as well as responses from others can contribute to mental health either positively or negatively.  I have always been empathetic to the feelings and experiences of others, and find joy in listening to and providing support to encourage people to be the best version of themselves!

I am a happily married Mom of two young children, both of whom had their own sleep struggles and both who I sleep trained using different methods. Each baby and child is unique, as we know, and so is their sleep. It may sound cliché, but becoming a Mom was truly the most profound moment of my life. 

With each of my children I learned more about their differing personalities, more about myself, and more about my own parents. I became more reflective on how I was raised and how this contributed to my own parenting style, values and beliefs.

I have seen with firsthand experience with my own children, as well as during my career working with children with mental health, the detrimental affects that improper or lack of sleep can have on developing brains! Not to mention the affects on the sleep deprived parents! I have specialized in teaching children and youth skills to navigate personal and social relationships, manage and overcome anxiety, and practise appropriate responses to a range of feelings. This experience has led me to further explore one of the contributing factors to mental health. Sleep. How it affects the developing brain, how it contributes to learning new skills and how it promotes an overall character of mental and emotional well being.

Take a look around, get to know the Under The Moon website and browse my packages. I am here for you and your baby’s sleep needs at any time.