Shining Stars of Sleep:

Client Experiences

Thanks to Jen’s expertise, our little one now takes three naps at predictable times and wakes up only once per night. This improvement has been a lifesaver, and we’re incredibly grateful for Jen’s support in improving our family’s sleep.

– Jessica

Mother of 5-months old Liam

Hiring Jen as our child sleep consultant was a game-changer. Our 7-month-old went from constant night wakings to sleeping peacefully through the night and taking regular, refreshing naps. We’re thrilled with the results!

– Sarah

Mother of 7-month old Olivia

We were desperate for sleep with Sophie, and thanks to Jen’s expert guidance, our baby now sleeps soundly through the night and takes longer, more restful naps. We’re amazed and so grateful!

– Emily

Mother of 13-month old Sophie

We’re over the moon with the progress our 9-month-old, Aurora, has made with her sleep, all thanks to Jenny! Before we met her, Aurora’s nights were a challenge. Now, our little one sleeps peacefully for longer stretches, giving us the rest we desperately needed. Jen’s expertise and personalized guidance have been a true blessing. We can’t recommend her enough to parents seeking better sleep for their little ones. If you’re ready for more restful nights, don’t hesitate to get in touch with her!

– Susan

Mother of 9-month old Aurora